Our Story


Kepola Design House is the clothing label and vision of designer, Autumn Tyler.
As the daughter of free-thinking and dream-seeking parents, she and her sister spent most of their childhood in the backseat of a 76’ Bronco, Stevie Nicks on the cassette player, and miles of highway ahead of and behind them. Constantly traveling and moving from place to place, she grew up living a very simple and nomadic lifestyle, where she was taught the value of creating, cultivating and self-sustaining.
 From the red rock of Sedona, Arizona to the pale cityscape of Athens, Greece, she is inspired by the colors and textures of the endless terrain she’s travelled and the perpetual desire to continue exploring the world. Kepola Design House was created with the intention of returning to a more thoughtful and handcrafted approach to fashion. It is stitched locally at our design studio in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, uses natural, organic, and recycled fibers whenever possible, and wholeheartedly believes in an environmentally, socially, and culturally responsible production of goods.

photo by a dear friend @zephyrandtide